Medical City
To the Tyumen region for Siberian health

To the Tyumen region for Siberian health

My name is Alena Dolgunskaya, I am the head of the Medical City Project

I would like high-quality medicine to be available not only to residents of Tyumen but also to residents of foreign countries, including the CIS countries.

My name is Catherine, I am the project manager of “The Medical City Project”

You communicate with me by phone, email, and in the chat on our website. I am always ready to answer your questions in English or Russian. Also, I am glad to help you find a doctor of any desirable profile and specialization.

I am the methodologist of “The Medical City Project”.

I carefully read all the medical documentation that you sent to Ekaterina Sharapova, the project manager of “The Medical City”, to help you to set the price of treatment or diagnosis and decide whether it is appropriate for you to come to Tyumen or not.

My name is Olga, I am the manager of “The Medical City Project”.

I would be glad to meet you in our hospitable city of Tyumen – I will become your reliable assistant in organizing your way to your doctor.

I am a marketing specialist of “The Medical City Project”.

I make sure that you know about our Project working together with my colleagues from the marketing services of all the clinics that are part of the Medical City Project.

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  • If you or people closest to you need help in the diagnosis or treatment of diseases-do not waste time, call us!

By working with us, you will be able to focus on the most important thing - the treatment process. When we will take care of the whole organization of treatment as well as a trip itself.


  • For the convenience of foreign citizens, we have created a coordinating centre for the development of medical tourism.

The main goal of “Medical City Visit Tyumen” is to make the process of your treatment and stay in Tyumen as comfortable as possible. Our centre cooperates with the best clinics in the Tyumen region - without intermediaries or additional cost. We are employees of clinics, so we know more than anyone else which specialist and in which clinic can help you. Caring about patients has been our job and life for many years!


  • Thanks to our friendly team consisting of full-time employees and clinic managers, employees of commercial services and marketing departments, we can create special conditions for our clients.

We can reduce your waiting in the queue for an operation by choosing a convenient time for you. Besides, our employees speak several languages, so communication with us definitely will be comfortable.


  • We will take care of all the organization of your treatment and trip: from the first call to your return home!

How we work:

  • The project administrator will answer all your questions.
  • The medical consultant will analyze the medical documentation and, if it’s necessary, arrange a consultation with a specialist or the head of the department to decide whether it is appropriate for you to arrive, to set the price and the approximate plan of treatment.
  • Probably, we will need additional diagnostic tests. In this case, you will have the opportunity to pass them in our centre at the outpatient stage of treatment.
  • In the person of our employees, you will get professionals who will help you to make the right choice and to undergo treatment with comfort in the best medical institutions of the Tyumen region! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WE ARE TOGETHER!


  • Our medical tourism centre includes the best medical institutions in the region:

The Regional Clinical Hospital 1

The Multidisciplinary Clinical Medical Centre "Medical City"

The Medical Sanitary Unit "Neftyanik"

The Regional Ophthalmological Dispensary

The Federal Center of Neurosurgery

The Clinical Hospital «Mother & Child»

"Polyclinic consultative and diagnostic them. E. M. Niginsky"

The Dental Clinic 3

The Clinical hospital «RZD-Medicine»


  • We never offer to a patient a trip without understanding that it will bring positive changes.

Every day, more than 7 thousand patients trust their health to our specialists in the clinics. Among them, there are residents of the Tyumen Region, Yamal-Nenets Autonomus Area, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, representatives of all regions of Russia and more than 40 countries.


  • You can contact us in any way that is convenient for you:

Leave a request on our website.
Call by phone: +7 (3452) 537 496 Send an email to: We are waiting for you here: Tyumen, street Yuri Semovskikh, 12 St. 3, room 211 We are with you at all stages of treatment!

Watch the video to learn more about our cluster


The tourist program

Together with the tourist project Visit Tyumen, we can organize for you an excursion to see the most important and picturesque places of Tyumen, exploring the traditional Siberian cuisine and crafts. Our clients can participate in colourful festivals, try active and eco-tourism, visit places for hunting and fishing, and much more.


How to contact us?

We have established the Medical Tourism Development Coordinating Centre in order for tourists to receive medical services conveniently.
The goal of the “MEDICAL CITY” Centre is to make your treatment and stay in Tyumen as comfortable as possible to achieve the result that will exceed all your expectations.

You can contact us in any way you like:

Call on phone:

+7 (3452) 560-550 

Send an email:

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Send medical documentation and MEDICAL CITY's specialists will offer you an individual solution