Medical City
JSC "Medical and sanitary unit" Neftyanik "

JSC "Medical and sanitary unit" Neftyanik "


JSC "Medical and sanitary unit" Neftyanik "

This is the reliable multidisciplinary Tyumen region clinic, where the emphasis is on the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. Hundreds of robot-assisted operations are performed annually in the fields of oncology, urology, surgery and gynecology with the help of the DaVinci Si device. Advanced methods and brilliant treatment results of the clinic attract medical tourists from Russia and all over the world.

Over 50 years of work, we have gathered unique specialists, mastered dozens of advanced techniques and provided departments with high-tech equipment. All this was made for you to receive high-quality medical care and be healthy!

We provide comprehensive medical services from consultation and disease diagnostics to subsequent treatment and rehabilitation. The polyclinics and a multidisciplinary hospital are the part of the medical sanitary unit. Visiting “The Medical Sanitary Unit “Neftyanik”, you can be sure that you will receive a comprehensive treatment conducted by highly qualified doctors with the help of advanced techniques!

Priority directions:

·        Oncourology. Robot-assisted surgery and brachytherapy with radioactive iodine and caesium for the prostate cancer treatment.

·        Urology. Percutaneous laser technologies for the urolithiasis and prostatic adenoma treatment.

·        Gynecology. Laparoscopic and robot-assisted pelvic floor surgery.

·        Otorhinolaryngology. Navigation and 3D technologies in sinus, orbit and lacrimal canal surgery. Reconstructive surgery of the larynx and trachea in case of stenoses.

·        The surgical obesity treatment. All types of gastroplasty and biliopancreatic bypass surgery.

·        The liver and pancreas surgery. Anatomical resections of the liver and pancreatoduodenal resections in case of cancer detection.

When thinking about disease prevention or treatment, make your choice in favour of medical institutions of the Tyumen Medical Cluster.

Medical City in numbers:

7 000

per day

1 800

Beds (Bed capacity)

6 000

Staff members

142 000

Total area

72 000



Operating rooms

56 000

Operations per year

The tourist program

Together with the tourist project Visit Tyumen, we can organize for you an excursion to see the most important and picturesque places of Tyumen, exploring the traditional Siberian cuisine and crafts. Our clients can participate in colourful festivals, try active and eco-tourism, visit places for hunting and fishing, and much more.


How to contact us?

We have established the Medical Tourism Development Coordinating Centre in order for tourists to receive medical services conveniently.
The goal of the “MEDICAL CITY” Centre is to make your treatment and stay in Tyumen as comfortable as possible to achieve the result that will exceed all your expectations.

You can contact us in any way you like:

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+7 (3452) 560-550 

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