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State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Tyumen region “The Regional Ophthalmological Dispensary”

State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Tyumen region “The Regional Ophthalmological Dispensary”


State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Tyumen region “The Regional Ophthalmological Dispensary”

It is the main ophthalmological service in the Tyumen region, which has been providing the residents of the Tyumen region with specialized medical care since 1949.

The long-term experience of the clinic's team makes it possible to achieve great results in the diseases prevention and treatment and health restoration with the help of modern unique technologies and advanced innovations, following the highest quality standards.

Highly qualified ophthalmologists with the average work experience of more than 18 years assist patients of any age, perform therapeutic treatment of retinal diseases and glaucoma and conduct operations of any complexity for cataracts, retinal detachment and pathology, glaucoma and eyelid pathology treatment, including cosmetic blepharoplasty, strabismus, injuries and other eye diseases treatment.

Modern and high-quality diagnostic equipment of the world's best producers, unique microsurgical systems, laser installations, therapeutic treatment devices, modern techniques and advanced innovations make it possible to solve many eyesight problems.

Every year, the dispensary makes it possible for more than 40 thousand people to look at the world with healthy eyes.

Priority direction:

·        LASER VISION CORRECTION with the help of LASIK, FEMTO LASIK, SUPER FEMTO LASIK methods. Treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

·        TREATMENT OF RETINAL DISEASES. Vitreoretinal surgery. Surgical treatment of macular tears with the help of the platelet-rich plasma method. The introduction of angiogenesis inhibitors in complex pathology of the macular area. Laser retinal coagulation in case of diabetes and central retinal vein thrombosis.

·        THE TREATMENT OF CATARACTS. Laser treatment, microsurgical cataract removal, implantation of premium intraocular lenses of the world leading companies: multifocal, toric, aspherical.

·        TREATMENT OF GLAUCOMA. Laser or combined surgical treatment using modern energy technologies, reconstructive operations on the anterior segment of the eyeball.

·        COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT OF KERATOCONUS AND OTHER CORNEAL PATHOLOGIES. Ultraviolet irradiation, cross-linking, implantation of intrastromal segments. Through-and layer-by-layer keratoplasty, including reconstruction of the anterior chamber.

·        VARIOUS TYPES OF SURGICAL INTERVENTIONS on the adnexal apparatus of the eye, including the surgical treatment of lagophthalmos, ptosis, strabismus, sclera facial operations in case of myopia. Blepharoplasty.

When thinking about disease prevention or treatment, make your choice in favour of medical institutions of the Tyumen Medical Cluster.

Medical City in numbers:

7 000

per day

1 800

Beds (Bed capacity)

6 000

Staff members

142 000

Total area

72 000



Operating rooms

56 000

Operations per year

The tourist program

Together with the tourist project Visit Tyumen, we can organize for you an excursion to see the most important and picturesque places of Tyumen, exploring the traditional Siberian cuisine and crafts. Our clients can participate in colourful festivals, try active and eco-tourism, visit places for hunting and fishing, and much more.


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We have established the Medical Tourism Development Coordinating Centre in order for tourists to receive medical services conveniently.
The goal of the “MEDICAL CITY” Centre is to make your treatment and stay in Tyumen as comfortable as possible to achieve the result that will exceed all your expectations.

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