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“The Dental Clinic № 3” Ltd.

“The Dental Clinic № 3” Ltd.


“The Dental Clinic № 3” Ltd.

“The Dental Clinic № 3” Ltd. was established in 1976. All advanced dentistry technologies are concentrated here: dental treatment under a microscope, 3D diagnostics, CAD/CAM technologies, such as computer dentures modelling of dentures, implantation, teeth whitening with a ZOOM-4 lamp.

As the innovative dentistry development Centre and a member of the Russian Dental Association, The Dental Clinic № 3 introduces modern methods and technologies of treatment and implies the latest materials and equipment, which provide certain advantages to the patient:

1. The quality of treatment increases dramatically due to the use of a microscope. About 80% of the teeth are preserved now, while previously they would have been removed.

2. The CAD / CAM system makes it possible to create a new tooth in a few hours and eliminate the stage of casts removal.

3. Simultaneous implantation makes it possible to install an artificial tooth in the day of implantation in order to preserve aesthetics of your smile.

4. Bite correction without braces makes it possible to feel confident in any situation.

5. The Treatment Guarantee for is more than 5 years.

Priority direction:

1. Diagnostics of the oral cavity.

2. Professional hygiene of the oral cavity.

3. Teeth whitening.

4. Periodontology.

5. Children's dentistry.

6. Bite correction.

7. Dental treatment under a microscope.

8. Implantation.

9. Prosthetics of teeth.

10. Aesthetic prosthetics.

11. Treatment under General anesthesia.

When thinking about disease prevention or treatment, make your choice in favour of medical institutions of the Tyumen Medical Cluster.

Medical City in numbers:

7 000

per day

1 800

Beds (Bed capacity)

6 000

Staff members

142 000

Total area

72 000



Operating rooms

56 000

Operations per year

The tourist program

Together with the tourist project Visit Tyumen, we can organize for you an excursion to see the most important and picturesque places of Tyumen, exploring the traditional Siberian cuisine and crafts. Our clients can participate in colourful festivals, try active and eco-tourism, visit places for hunting and fishing, and much more.


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We have established the Medical Tourism Development Coordinating Centre in order for tourists to receive medical services conveniently.
The goal of the “MEDICAL CITY” Centre is to make your treatment and stay in Tyumen as comfortable as possible to achieve the result that will exceed all your expectations.

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