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Cardiac syrgery

Cardiac syrgery

Specialized, including high-tech, medical care for adults and children in the areas of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

Planned and emergency operations on the heart and blood vessels, surgical and drug correction of heart rhythm disturbances, as well as implantation of artificial heart rhythm drivers.
The treatment of cardiovascular diseases in newborns is a separate part of the work. The work of cardiac surgeons begins with intrauterine diagnosis, that is, even before the birth of the baby, and operations are performed from the first day of life. Authoring techniques and amazing results are known both in Russia and abroad.

Treatment Methods:

· Cardiological, cardiosurgical and x-ray surgical care (for adults and children from 0 and above);

· Mitral valve replacement through mini-access using video-assisted thoracoscopic support.

Minimally invasive coronary surgery

· Open surgery of the aortic arch of the descending thoracic aorta.

· Intrauterine diagnosis of heart defects with subsequent correction.

· Operations for congenital heart defects in children and adults.

· Endovascular care for congenital / acquired heart defects, coronary heart disease, vascular pathology


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