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We have established the Medical Tourism Development Coordinating Centre in order for tourists to receive medical services conveniently.
The goal of the “MEDICAL CITY” Centre is to make your treatment and stay in Tyumen as comfortable as possible to achieve the result that will exceed all your expectations.

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Oncology Professional approach to the choice of tactics for surgical or therapeutic treatment, a wide arsenal diagnostic and therapeutic methods allow you to perform a full range of measures to combat almost any a form of cancer.

Treatment methods:
  • Cancer surgery Radioiodine therapy (iodine-131)
  • Radioiodine therapy (RAYT) - second, after surgery, stage of treatment of patients with cancer thyroid gland. Treatment is based on the ability of thyroid cells (both tumor and benign nature) accumulate and retain iodine. The treatment consists in the patient receiving radioactive iodine-131 in the form of an aqueous solution and is carried out from the purpose of destroying the remaining tissue of the thyroid gland (after surgical treatment), detection metastases tumors that are not detected by other diagnostic methods, and their simultaneous treatment. With the aim of monitoring of the treatment, all patients undergo scintigraphy of the whole body with iodine-131, accepted on the eve.
  • Radionuclide therapy
  • In order to suppress pain in cancer patients with metastatic bone damage of the skeleton, it is possible to conduct radionuclide therapy with the radiopharmaceutical Samaria-oxabifor (153Sm). After a single intravenous administration, the drug selectively accumulates metastatically affected areas of the skeletal system and “irradiates” them, thereby reducing pain syndrome. This allows you to reduce the intake of analgesic drugs (painkillers), up to their full withdrawal and, thereby, improve the quality of life of the patient. The use of radionuclide therapy is possible with surgical, chemotherapeutic, remote gamma therapy, hormone therapy.
  • Chemotherapy (including hormonal, symptomatic, targeted and immunotherapy)
  • This is one of cancer treatment methods which based on the use of certain drugs, by administering drugs injection or oral, then eat by taking pills. These drugs belong to the group of cystostatics. - drugs that suppress the process of cell division of a malignant tumor. Main goal chemotherapy is to achieve remission of the disease, reducing the size of the tumor process, "Containment" of the process of metastasis.
  • Radiation therapy